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Stereoscopic 3D
Stereoscopic 3D is taking the world by storm. However, it is still affordable.VegaH Studios can produce the following Stereoscopic content:
Anaglyph – Red/Green, Cyan/Red or the Color Code Blue/Amber glasses. The pictures can be viewed on any monitor or television. Old, but still effective.
Polarized – Real D 3D and Sky3D - These are the tinted grey glasses that require specialist synchronized equipment to view the images.
2D-3D conversion services – Process of converting 2D films to Stereoscopic 3D using a conversion process which is much more affordable compared to shooting in 3D using 2 cameras.Our services can be provided for TV, theatre and other media like advertising, presentations, etc.
Lenticular - Glasses-free viewing on a specialist screen, amazing for window displays, events and exhibitions.
Below is the link to download a small clip of our stereoscopic3d work which can be viewed with anaglyph glasses.

Stereoscopic 3D Demo
Visual Effects
Stereoscopic 3D
3D Visualization
Motion Graphics
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